Carson Workshop podcasts


There are some really excellent podcasts of The Future of Web Apps One day conference/summit hosted by Carson Workshops.

Ryan Carson has really put together an excellent summit, pity being in Norway that I couldn’t go, but luckily for all of us he has made the podcasts available on the carson workshops website at:

All are worth listening to I think, and there is something for everyone thats involved in development whether web based or not.

Summit Montage Post 01

And if you haven’t done so recently, I would seriously suggest checking out his application, dropsend which is just so useful.

Summit Montage Post 08

Others at the conference included:

Joshua Schachter from del.ici.ous

David Heinemeier Hansson from 37 signals

Steffen Meschkat from google

Cal Henderson from flickr

Tom Coates from yahoo

Shaun Inman from Mint

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