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Well I have been really busy working at Vizrt, getting to know the systems, and getting to know python and a damn horrible Java website.

Python is really nice, been running through the tutorials at home, looking at this Django framework for websites which I might write my music site in, if I can get it to run properly on Dreamhost. Django doesn’t have the AJAX support built in yet, but otherwise it is fairly close to what Rails is doing to Ruby. Perhaps once I get it running I can do a video showing how easy it is to do a site.

But all in all, it is helping my aim to get to know Python better.

Oracle is the database of choice for applications at work, but for the small application that I am using I have been using MySQL 5.0.18 which has some nice tools on Windows for administration. There was a slight bit of trouble restoring a dump that was over 1Gb in size, but after changing some default configuration for max_packet_size=1G it was fine and the Blobs inserted fine.

I don’t think that I will get away from my allegiance to Postgres though.

The less that I say about the Java site the better really!

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