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The other day the winners of the 2005 Bloggies award were announced at sxsw and I think most of it was well deserved, though I am not sure about the more profereally be looked at – but then again I love Gizmodo as much as the next person. I am sure that if everyone had a sponser we could produce a better blog. Some of the others I read all the time and must admit the content is usually very good, these are the higlights for me:

Best Meme: flickr

Best Essay about Blogs: How to blog

Best Application: Movabletype

Best UK blog: PlasticBag claps!!

Best photo blog: Daily Dose

Best food weblog: Cooking for Engineers

Best tech blog: Gizmodo

Best writing: Dooce

Best group: BoingBoing

Lifetime achievement: Tom Coates of Plasticbag claps!!

Weblog of the year: BoingBoing

With regards the way that Cooking for Engineers presents the recipes – I am very impressed, its extremely straight forward and the diagrams are wonderful.

So congratulations to BoingBoing and PlasticBag

Theres also a write up from the bbc:

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